CAS Advisor's Page

This page is intended to aid all of our parent's who have volunteered to be CAS advisors. CAS advisors use the Managebac tool to review student's CAS project proposals and reflections.

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Why are CAS advisors critical to IB?

CAS advisors are critically important to IB because:
  • There are over 200 IB diploma candidates, each doing multiple CAS projects.
  • With the increasing number of diploma candidates, the job of reviewing student's CAS proposals and reflections has gotten to where it can overwhelm our IB Coordinators.
  • Parents provide valuable "real world" feedback to our students.

CAS advisors are involved in:
  • Helping students to identify personal and social goals.
  • Monitoring the range and balance of activities undertaken by individual students.
  • Developing student's power of reflection through group discussion and individual consultation.
  • Supporting students in their consideration of ethical concerns.
  • Reading/responding to diaries/journals.
  • Helping students to make connections and to look for generalizable understandings.

How do I become a CAS advisor?

You can volunteer by sending email to

What are the responsibilities of a CAS advisor?

CAS advisors are assigned a small number (usually 8 to 10) students to advise. Students enter all their CAS activities in Managebac, a web-based tool for managing the IB program. Each time that the student makes an entry that requires an advisors review, an email is automatically sent to the advisor's email account. Advisors simply click on the link in their email to log onto Managebac, where they can approve the student's changes or add notes to suggest changes.

CAS advisors review and approve the student's input to Managebac at three different stages of each CAS activity:
  1. When the student first enters a proposal for a new activity.
  2. After the student has completed the CAS activity, and entered a reflection into the system.
  3. When the student enters evidence (for example, digital photographs) into the system.

CAS advisors also keep track of their student's overall progress and alert the IB coordinators if a student is seriously lagging.

Note that student's do not normally know their CAS advisor by name. All CAS advisors are identified to IB students by a anonymous identifier, like "CAS Advisor I".

How time-consuming is being a CAS advisor?

My personal experience is that it has taken me less than an hour a week, from the comfort of my own computer!

How can I learn more?

The IB coordinators run several short training sessions over the course of the school year. We also maintain a CAS Advisors FAQ.