This page contains (hopefully) useful hints and tips for our CAS advisors on how to use Managebac.

Finding the CAS Start Page

CAS advisers normally work from what I like to call the "CAS Start Page". The top of this page lists all your assigned students, followed by all your fellow advisers and their students. Sometimes when you log into Managebac you may not be on this page. To find it, locate the top navigation bar, click on "IB Manager", and then select the graduating class that you are working with. You should then go to a new page which will have another navigation bar with "CAS" on it. Click on this button to get to what I call the CAS Start Page:


From here you can manage any or your assigned students simply by clicking on their name.

Email Address and Notifications

You can update the email address that Managebac sends notifications to you by clicking on the Profile button on the top navigation bar:

.Enter your email address under "Contact Details".

Reviewing and Approving a CAS Proposal

You should receive an email notification each time one of your student's enters a new CAS proposal. Click on the link in the email and (if your system is configured properly) a web browser will open Managebac in a window, prompting you to log into the system. Click on the student's name (If you don't see the student's name on your screen, see the first topic on this page) and you should be presented with a list of her CAS proposals:


Click on the activity name ("Playing Xbox" for this soon-to-be-former IB student). Review the student' proposal (see the CAS Advisors FAQ for what to look for). If you don't feel that you can approve the proposal as written, enter a note in the message board detailing why. When you are ready to approve the proposal, check the "Approved" box in the upper-right portion of the screen.


You can enter a note to the student about this activity by entering text in the edit box below "Message Board", and then clicking on the "Save Note" button that will appear below the edit box.

Finding Reflections

When you are viewing the summary of a student's CAS activity (as shown in the screenshot above) note the two buttons on right of your screen labeled Summary and Reflections:


Clicking on Reflections will change your view to any reflections that the student has entered for this activity. Click Summary to get back to the Summary page.

Checking who has Changed the Status of an Activity

On the worksheet page for each activity there are the words Activity History:
Hover your mouse over these words and pop-up text should appear.

Where do Supervisor Reviews Appear?

If the supervisor review was done by someone with a Mangebac login, or if it was emailed in, it should appear on the worksheet page, directly below the learning outcomes:


If the review was done as a separate document, students usually upload it as an attachment to the worksheet page.

How do I know which are a Student's CAS Projects?

An activity which a student has marked as being a CAS project will appear on their worksheet page with a little icon showing two people: