To join the IHS IB Boosters, please download and fill out our membership form.

What the IB Boosters accomplished and funded with membership dues in 2012-2013

  • The IB Booster Club provided the annual student license fees for ManageBac, a web-based IB management solution tool, to help the Inglemoor IB students and coordinators efficiently manage their IB Diploma activities and requirements.

  • IB Teachers Meeting - Booster Funds provided refreshments for the IB Teachers meeting.

  • IB Japanese - Booster funds provided Japanese dictionaries for IB classwork and test prep.

  • IB English - Boosters provided funds to purchase 169 copies of Metamorphosis.

  • IB Chinese - Booster funds provided supplemental textbooks, workbooks and exam prep books.

  • IB French - Booster Funds provided textbooks to teach the new essay requirements.

  • IB Spanish - Boosters provided IB Spanish Grammar books.
  • IB Program - Booster funds allowed the purchase of 90 test screens required for the IB exams by IB International.

  • IB Recognition – Booster funds provide the monies for the engraving of the IB Diploma graduates names onto a IB Diploma plaque which is displayed in the library. Funds are also provided for the IB Recognition Night expenses in May which is to recognize all of our 2012 IB Diploma and IB Certificate graduates.